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6 stress busting foods

    Anxiety is one thing in today’s world from which every other person is suffering. Hundreds of medicines and thousands of consultations might not work but there’s another tasty remedy for your stress. Yes! The food you eat might seriously help you in overcoming your daily stress. But here’s the thing: We’re not talking about stuffing yourself with your typical go-to comfort food. Mac and cheese or fries will only leave you feeling guilty and even more anxious.

    Have a look at the following stress busting foods and you never know, what might work when:

    Asparagus: Depression has been linked to low levels of folic acid, and here is one vegetable that provides boost to this mood-cheering nutrient is asparagus. A single cup is what you need daily, and it can easily be made a part of most of the dishes. 

    Blueberries: Blueberries are small, but also a powerful punch of anti oxidants and vitamin C and thus make for mighty stress-busters. When we’re stressed, our bodies need vitamin C and antioxidants to help repair and protect cells. Added advantage: They are tasty.

    Milk: The complete food. Isn’t it? Why wouldn’t it be a stress buster then? A glass of warm milk before bed is a time-tested remedy for insomnia. Milk is high in antioxidants, vitamins B2 and B12. 

    Almonds: Munch down some almonds to munch down your anxiety. These are rich in both vitamins B2 and E. Both of these nutrients help the immune system during times of stress.

    Oranges: There’s a reason orange juice must be a part of a healthy breakfast: Vitamin C is one vitamin known to lower blood pressure and the stress hormone.

    Oatmeal: Oatmeal is another food that helps get the calm-inducing hormone flowing. Go with thick-cut, old fashioned oats that require cooking instead of instant oatmeal. Coarse oats are higher in fibre and so they take longer to digest making their calming effect actually last longer.

    These are just some of the eatables which can help you get over your anxiety but a balanced diet, regular exercise and a sound sleep are the best remedies to fight off your stress.