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Art & Mindfulness

    If you are looking for ways to relax your mind, you can turn to Art.

    When words fail you, or you find it difficult to channel your thoughts, art is a great medium to let your thoughts flow. The medium of creativity, ‘ART’, is not confined just to drawing or painting, it includes writing, dancing, music, photography, knitting, pottery, theatre or any other medium that helps you express yourself freely.

    Studies show creative experiences have a positive effect on the brain and impacts both cognitive as well as emotional functioning. This helps you connect better with your inner self as well as the outside world.

    Quoting Van Gough, “I dream my painting and I paint my dream.”, we are blessed with the ability to create our own reality. Using skill and imagination to create, express and bring meaning to something is a form of channelizing our thoughts and emotions. Self exploration and expression through art is medium to transcribe one’s feelings.

    The piece of work you create, be it a photograph, or a song, releases a sense of confidence and positive frame of mind. Completing a piece of art, and experiencing the creative process, brings a sense of productivity, happiness and worth. Your creative process serves as a safe space for you to express freely, relieve stress and briefly escape from reality.

    Amidst all the chaos, make some time for yourself, to create your authentic piece of art. It is truly essential to take time off and release your thoughts and feelings you hold on to within. Indulging in art is a great way to release stress, and create a positive mindset. Play some music, sing along, whip up something new in the kitchen or pick up that paint brush and start your journey of self expression. Let your thoughts flow, express yourself through creativity as you have the potential to inspire those around you.