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Educate your child about the signs of an abusive relationship

    A young mind can be easily influenced by the ever changing scenarios around it. Childhood is the phase where you can cast your child’s mind according to your will. They might protest but sooner or later they understand. This is the very reason why you must fill up his/her mind with the safety measures against the various kinds of abuses they might face.

    Good parenting not only involves protecting your child from the evils that you can see but also gearing them up for the evils awaiting them in the future. An abusive relationship is one such evil which has crept into our society but the real problem is that there aren’t many people who can really identify whether their partner is abusing them or not. This is the very reason why you must talk to your child and make them aware so that when and if the time comes they do not face what most people face – “Abuse.”

    Here are some of the important points you must make while discussing abuse with your child:

    1. Humiliating or embarrassing you: If someone’s embarrassing you beyond a point that you start doubting yourself and start losing respect for your opinions and decisions. Stop and analyse the situation. Your partner might be taking you for granted and that is one of the prominent symptoms of an abusive mind.

    2. Constant put-downs: Criticism is good but hyper-criticism or regular put downs are something which can cause emotional breakdown. Statements like – “You’re worth nothing” or “You are a disgrace” are weapons of mass emotional destruction.

    3. Refusing to Communicate: Communication gap is one thing but if your partner is not giving an ear to your problem and is just hell bent on ignoring you but if you don’t listen to their problems, they become angry. This ignorance could be mentally stressful.

    4. Isolating you: If your partner is trying to make you feel as if no one other than them is worth your affection or no one else cares about you then do look for people around you who actually care because an isolate mind is easy to capture.

    5. Constant calling or texting: If you feel that this is a way to show care than think again because it could also be a way to constantly remind you that you are bound.

    These are just some points you must make in front of your child for their safety but you must include the complete information and make them completely ready for any such event in the future.