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Help Sachine Siva with his ambition

    Meet Sachine Siva, a strong, determined, passionate cricketer, who did not let challenges pull him down. He has earned his position as Vice Captain of India Disabled Sports Cricket Team & Captain of Tamil Nadu Cricket Disabled Sports Team. His ambition in his cricket journey is to receive the prestigious Arjuna Award, which honours outstanding performance in Sports and Games.

    India has abundance of talent with a large number of people with some form of disability. For athletes with disabilities, sports is an arena that creates an atmosphere of inclusiveness, and serves as a platform to showcase their abilities. For them, the huge challenge lies in pursuing sports as they require much needed support from Family, Society and Government.

    Sachine Siva is one such cricketer who did not let his physical disability come in the way of playing Cricket. Hailing from Madurai, he is constantly trying to overcome barriers to continue his dream. Growing up, he was being neglected by others and did not realise his challenge would be the reason for being left out. When he went out to play, he was left behind by the rest. He did not let that affect him as he was determined to prove himself in the field of cricket, and thus began his journey of playing professional cricket.

    Over the past year, like serval others, he too faced troubles financially. When we spoke to Sachine Siva we realised he did not let his troubles affect his confidence, positive self image, and talent. We at BTLF aim to help him continue his dream.

    As part of our D.A.A.S. campaign, we aim to help Sachine Siva continue his dream and passion of playing cricket. Your contribution to Sachine Siva can help him continue his dream of playing cricket and shine on the field. Help us raise 30,000/- to help him sustain the rest of 2021.

    You can make a difference but donating a small amount.

    You can scan the below Code on GooglePay to make a small donation. GPAY ID: bouncetolife@okhdfcbank

    Bounce to Life GPAY

    Alternately, You can visit our fundraising page to view payment options.