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Immunity Boosting Ingredients from your kitchen

    A balanced diet is key to a healthy body and healthy living. There are simple ingredients in your kitchen that can do wonders and boost your immune system. Our current lifestyle and surroundings have adverse effects on our body. It is time to pay attention to our body, boost immunity and make it less susceptible to allergies and diseases.

    • Clove Clove is a magic spice that is known for its anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties. It helps with improved digestion, liver health, and also promotes good oral health. Including clove to your balanced diet can also keep blood sugar levels under control. Cloves are very effective when part of your diet, and you can add them to any dish to bring a unique flavour. You can also brew a cup of clove tea.
    • Cinnamon Cinnamon is another magic spice that instantly boosts the flavours of any dish. This aromatic spice is loaded with medicinal properties, powerful antioxidants, and potent anti inflammatory properties. Cinnamon is also known for its anti diabetic effect as it lowers blood sugar levels. This spice is also known to help prevent cancer, reduce risk of cardiovascular disease, protect against HIV and help treat fungal infections. You can use this spice as a bark or powder and add it to a smoothie, curry, chutney, or dessert. As simple as that.
    • Black Pepper Black pepper, widely considered a golden spice, adds fiery spice and taste to any savoury dish. This spice has the ability to improve digestion and boosts nutrient absorption. As a powerful antioxidant, black pepper helps combat cellular damage. Black pepper can be ground into powder or added as a whole peppercorn to add spice to your dishes. You can add it to curries, meat, salad, stir fry and soups.
    • Yogurt Probiotics present in yogurt help boost immune functions of the body. It improves gut health, boosts metabolism, stimulates immune responses, and is extremely nutritious. Yogurt is rich in Protein, Vitamin (A&D), Zinc, and Calcium. You can consume yogurt on its own, or simply add some fruits, honey and nuts to make a healthy dessert or blend it and make a smoothie!
    • Spinach Green leafy vegetables are a rich source of vitamins (A, C & E), magnesium, iron, antioxidants and fibre, which help with cell development and functioning. You can make a good salad or a soup to benefit from these greens.
    • Ginger & Garlic These two spices are loaded with anti inflammatory properties that strengthen the immune system. Garlic is also known to lower blood pressure, cholesterol levels as well as help reduce the risk of cancer. They also help combat flu and common cold. Incorporating garlic and ginger to your diet is very easy. You can add them to your salads, soups, grills, or curry. They can also be used in different forms like whole fresh cloves, pastes, or powders. You can even infuse your butter or oil with garlic.
    • Turmeric This popular spice is renowned for its anti inflammatory properties and helps maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. This spice helps maintain healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels as well. Turmeric has a positive influence on weight management, supports healthy metabolism and is also known to balance your hormones.

    Including turmeric to your diet is very easy. Turmeric powder can be used to brew turmeric tea, added to your smoothie, juice or used to season your veggies or meat.These ingredients are just to name a few. Our ancestors used to rely on ingredients from their to stay healthy. If you have any such tips, do share them with us 🙂