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You can make a difference

Together we can make a difference



Any individual who wants to help with the development of their community and facilitate social change, can commit to volunteering and be a part of the change of the change you would like to see.
Together, we can make the world a better place!



We are in need of volunteers in many areas, and are particularly needing online volunteering help with the following:

  • Communications 
  • Articles and press releases related to Bounce to Life Foundation 
  • Assistance with organising campaigns (online)
  • Social media campaign 

We are looking for students who are willing to commit and share their time with us.


Together, we can make the world a better place!
Student volunteers

Be an agent of change


We appreciate and encourage your commitment to volunteering as it is a sign of responsibility for our community.


Dedicating your selfless time and getting involved in our projects to help achieve our goals is very valuable to us and the society.


Sharing your skills for the benefit of the society is an experience. We value your knowledge and hope to provide you with a new perspective in return.

Why volunteer


Volunteering provides you with the opportunity to meet and connect with different people and communities.


As part of volunteering, you interact with different people which helps you learn and enhance your social and relationship skills.


As a Volunteer, giving back to the society will give good memories to cherish. When you look back at the work you have done, you feel happy.


Volunteering gives you a sense of accomplishment and boosts your self confidence. This will keep you mentally stimulated and give you a sense of purpose in life.


 By volunteering, you gain new skills, perspectives and approach things differently. This experience helps with career advancement as well as helps you identify your goals and interests.


The Volunteering experience and fulfillment of having contributed to the development of the community, instills a sense of responsibility. This will leave you feeling more responsible for facilitating social change .


Your Support Means a Lot

Each donations matter, even the smallest ones. 

Donate $2 ( average price of coffee in the USA) and someone’s life will get better!

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