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Volunteering – An opportunity to consider


    The sense of satisfaction or fulfillment one experiences while volunteering is indescribable. It is important for us to realize our duty, as civilians, to assist societal development by giving back to the society in any form we can. Whether it is sharing your skills, giving your time selflessly or providing monetarily, the thought of you committing to give back to the society for the benefit of another person or community, is an altruistic act. You not only gain goodwill, joy, experience but also a sense of accomplishment.

    As volunteers, committing to this societal development, you gain responsibility for your community, and in the process of championing this development, you inspire those around. Volunteerism is a powerful medium to engage with the people and society to power societal development.

    We encourage you to get involved and to volunteer as it encourages social inclusion, enhances civic engagement, inspires transformation and brings a sense of responsibility for their surroundings. You may be juggling multiple roles in your daily life, but choosing to volunteer will change your perspective and give you a sense of purpose.

    By embarking on this journey of giving back to the society, you can discover new opportunities and may also rediscover yourself. There are several volunteering possibilities, you can choose the one that you connect with most and something that you feel comfortable with.

    Begin your volunteering journey and make a difference!