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Volunteering FAQs

    1. I want to volunteer. Where do I begin?
      Firstly, reflect on the purpose for volunteering. Identify if you are looking to offer your skills, gain experience, give back to the society or something else? Also think about the time / duration you can commit to volunteering. Based on your interests, you can choose a volunteering program. Once you reach out, the Foundation will provide the necessary information and guide you through the program.
    2. Do I need to fill out an application or share my resume?
      All volunteers are required to submit an application and based on the position, you might be asked to share your resume.
    3. Is there an interview for volunteers?
      All volunteers will attend an interview, online or offline.
    4. What can I offer?
      Once you decide to volunteer there are several options, even if you do not have previous volunteering experience. Your time, a friendly attitude and the thought will go a long way!
      To give you an idea, the range of possibilities include:
      – Mentor a young person
      – Assist with an event like fundraiser, marathon, medical camp etc.
      – Help with a local project like blood donation, clean up, planting saplings, etc.
      – Volunteer online like mentoring, fundraising, writing, etc.
      – Teaching a subject or coaching in a sport
      – Work on research, marketing, design for the Foundation
    5. Is there any specific time commitment for volunteering?
      The duration for volunteering depends on the type of activity signed up for. Volunteers may choose to assist with special events (1-2 days), or sign up for a short term or long term commitment with the Foundation.
    6. Can I sign up for multiple activities?
      Based on your availability, you may choose to get involved in one or multiple volunteering activities.
    7. Can I volunteer from home?
      We are open to volunteers who can work from home on activities online. If you have time constraints, online volunteering would be a good choice as it provides flexibility, convenience as well as an opportunity to get involved. These activities include:
      Helping with digital promotions & social media.; Online mentoring; Writing, designing, creating content; Online research; Process Communication, moderating, etc.
    8. Will I receive a Letter of Reference for volunteering?
      Upon successful completion of the volunteering commitment, you will receive a letter of reference from the Foundation.
    9. Can I recommend causes, individuals, communities to help?
      We are always looking to create social change and welcome all ideas and suggestions to help us achieve our goals.
    10. Can I exit the volunteering activity earlier than the committed time?
      All volunteers are under no obligation to help and they may choose to relieve from their commitment if need be. We encourage our volunteers to inform us earlier and provide us enough time to find a replacement. If there are issues with the volunteering experience, you can speak to your supervisor or email us at